The scope of the Summit is defined by various policy documents created in the run-up to the Summit.

Civil Society Outcome Documents

These documents are derived as a response to the Summit.

Civil Society Programme of Action
The WSSD Secretariat's Programme of Action.

Civil Society Declaration
The WSSD Secretariat's Secretariat Declaration issued on the close of the Summit.

In order to provide some perspective to the Summit, we could study some of the United Nations policy documents surrounding the Summit.

Agenda 21

Earth Summit+5

Chairman`s paper 1
http://www.johannesburgsummit.org/html/documents/prep2final_papers/conf1 99pcl1_eng.pdf

http://www.johannesburgsummit.org/html/documents/prep2final_papers/wssd_ description_of_partnerships2.doc

Policy Platform

The Summit provide an opportunity for organisations to put forward policy documents for further discussion.

Call to Action
The WSSD Secretariat's Call to Action.

7 Secrets to Success
We can make another world possible by doing least seven things at the Civil Society Global Forum, argues Victor Munnik

Mining Summit Declaration
The Deceleration of the Mining Summit is now available on this site.

Trade Strategy Group Speaks
Read what the Trade Strategy Group has to say about the World Trade Organisation's involvement in the Summit.

Marine and Coastal Priorities
Read the Draft Policy Brief of influential figures involved in the marine and coastal NGOs.

Energy Position Paper
The final draft, endorsed by the Sustainable Energy Society of South Africa (SESSA).

Environment and Health Position Paper
The Short version of the paper developed by the Western Cape WSSD NGO Forum.

Waste and Chemical Paper
Muna Lakhani's paper on Chemical and Waste that challenges South Africa to abide by the Polokwane declaration of 2001, in which it committed to a Zero Waste future.

Conservation of Biological Diversity
A draft interim position paper on the conservation of biological diversity, which includes biodiversity loss.

Resolution on Delimitarisation
The ceasefire campaign puts forward a strong case for delimitarisation which their delegates will use in Prepcom 4.

NEPAD Discussion Document
NEPAD is the topic of a discussion document released by the South African Council of Churches. It was prepared through a consultative process in the churches led by the South African Council of Churches and the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference and was drafted by the SACBC Justice & Peace Department."

Pan African Congress
Read the draft declaration issued at the PAN African Pan African Conference of Civil Society Organizations : Consolidating the Regional Agenda Towards WSSD and Beyond held at Cote-d'Ivoire, Abidjan, on 17-19 July 2002

WSSD Civil Society Secretariat Message to the World and South African Government
The Civil Society Secretariat challenges the worlds leaders to face up to the destruction caused by uninformed policies and wanton greediness, while at the South time taking on the South African Government to live up to the real challenges facing the country.