NEPAD is the topic of a discussion document released by the South African Council of Churches. It was prepared through a consultative process in the churches led by the South African Council of Churches and the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference and was drafted by the SACBC Justice & Peace Department.

The policy platform presents policy work in progress for purposes of information sharing and provoking further contributions. These are not official positions of civil society, although they are positions taken by groups in civil society after debate and discussion. They may, after further discussion, become part of a South African civil society position.


An Assesment of the New Partnership for Africa's Development by South African Churches

18 June 2002

The NEPAD document is currently only available for download in Microsoft Word Format. Other formats will be made available shortly.

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To comment or suggest changes contact [email protected]. Civil society organizations can also forward proposed policy positions and declarations to the same address.